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The Derbyshire Mind Collection of sites were based on a requirement of them being able to edit their own site (menu's, content and news) easily, using a well known solution, with this in mind we went onto choose WordPress as their base.

They provided a strict colour code and fonts (which helped alot!) that we stuck to when designing the WordPress template. We also needed to add additional sections to the admin area to help with the template (like the images at the tops of pages)

In 2014 they came back to us asking if we could update their site to be more responsive on phones, which we were prepared to do for them! and after some examples were put together we got the go ahead to update the sites to there current responsive design.

To help them in training one of there staff to use the new WordPress site we created some basic tutorial video's to show them how to add a new post, user, etc

Tech Used

HTMLCSSPHPWordpress TemplateResponsive Design


Client testimonial

Many thanks to RC Web Development for building new web sites for our IMCA, Derbyshire Mind and Thinkcarer services, we are very happy with the visual look and functionality of all the sites and would like to add that the customer service and support throughout was exceptional.


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