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Hawkeye Transport Ltd approached us for a redesign of there existing site, but keeping the "feeling" of it, so we kept the important images and the really nice Hawk background image they had!

We also added in a RSS news reader to keep there home page dynamic, as they did not want a news section of there own. We did this using AJAX to keep the RSS feed from slowing down the home page download. They eventually came over to one of our hosting packages and we were able to look after then further with some image editing and data input.

We also added in there pallet rate calculator, this used a wildcard Postcode string in a MySQL table to retrieve the price, we also added in the Google maps api to show the delivery route from there home base for a little flair!

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Hawkeye Transport Ltd We have been very grateful for the services received from RC Web Development

The impact has been enormous and very well received by our clients and prospective clients, comments made are; clean crisp looking website and user friendly to navigate.

Many thanks and we look forward to a long and lasting working relationship.


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