Mandy Makes


Mandy Makes is a Homemade and Bespoke Gifts Ecommerce store, They are using my bespoke CMS along with the Ecom plugins, these are product management, Shipping Management, User baskets, Paypal payment processing and the plugin to handle the actual order processing.

The site uses the Boostrap framework for mobile responsiveness and we used the Paypal API to accept payments. Its written in PHP and uses a MySQL Database. We also created all the social media accounts for them to help with their SEO. I've also added Microdata to the headers for more SEO improvements.

This is the First Ecommerce site under my brand that i have put together (although i've done other ecommerce sites for contract work), I had to upgrade all the plugins to use the new format (and to output everything in TWIG templates).

Tech Used

htmlphpmysqltwigpaypal apicsscmssassgoogle analyticsjqueryecommercebootstrapresponsive design


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