The New Zealand Community Association


The New Zealand Community Association are in charge of the local community centre, where they run clubs and rent their hall out to businesses as well as running 2 charity shops in the area! they approached us to create a site for there centre to show case what they do, mainly the events that go on at the hall!

We created a news, event and contact page for them initially and this grew into what the site has become today, with a responsive design and section to upload news letters. We also created a facebook and twitter page for them (this is maintained by NZCA though).

We Recently updated there site with some new features, as well as bringing them upto date with the latest CMS (Content management system) and converting there pages to use the TWIG template engine.

Tech Used

HTMLCSSPHPMySQLJQueryAJAXResponsive DesignTWIGGoogle Analytics


Client testimonial

When we approached Ryan Coons to design and run a website for the New Zealand Community Association, none of us realized the talent this man had in the field of IT.

From the concept he put forward it never occured to us that he was looking to the future and steadily he has given to us, such an outstanding site. It is so easy to navigate, fast and flawless. He has coded it, so it is not template based, which gives us a secure site.

We are so very proud to tell people about our interactive site, and visitors to it are truly surprised, in such a short time that it has built up a growing band of users. Advertising on the site was something that was never discussed until Ryan put it forward.

Ryan has been instrumental in putting us on the map and that can only be good news to us as a charity.

If you are lucky enough to have Ryan build and design a website for you then grab him with both hands, he is worth his weight in gold.

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